First Look At Kirsten Stewart As Coco Chanel

Recently, we reported that the wheels had been set in motion on a mini-biopic of the legendary designer, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, and now finally some footage has been unveiled of the project. There were a few raised eyebrows when it emerged that Kirsten Stewart would play the title role, but the short film's creator Karl Lagerfeld couldn't praise the talented actress enough for her portrayal of the late icon.

"She can look like Chanel, and I wanted to show Chanel through all the decades of her life and the comeback in the 1950s." Emotive?one minute, exploding with anger and expletives the next, Stewart portrays a fiery young actress brought in to portray a young Chanel in a biopic - only to lock horns with practically everyone on the set. Titled Once and Forever, the movie features Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin co-starring as actresses preparing to appear in a film as Chanel at different ages. This marks the fourth time Chaplin has embodied Chanel in the designer's films.


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?I think she's one of the greatest actors of her generation,? Lagerfeld said of Stewart. ?She gives the right emotion and the right intensity immediately, so it's very easy to work her like it's easy to work with Geraldine.?


Much of the movie takes place in the office of the would-be film's producer, and a corridor. Lagerfeld conceived the plot, dialogue, costumes and casting and the film was previewed last week, with critics impressed with Stewart in particular. Two teaser clips have been released, and as you'll see, the sultry actress certainly looks the part. The short-film should air in its entirety on December 1st, and we're expecting great things if the visuals are anything to go by.


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