Find Your Second Skin At Swatch

It's been an iconic watch brand for as long as we can remember. Who among?us didn't receive a Swatch watch as our first timepiece??The label's goal?has always been to create?watches that are much more than just functional, they are?a way of injecting personality into your outfit. Vibrant colours, offbeat motifs and unexpected textures have always defined the brand and elevated it among its competitors for those who want style as well as substance from each?item?they wear.

But the Swatch brand never stands still, and the latest evolution is the newly launched Skins Collection, an elegant, sophisticated edit of 11 timepieces, which offers a minimalist aesthetic and almost weightless design. Created around an understated palette of black and white mixed with subtle pastels, translucent materials and?a coral pink counterpoint, the collection tells the story of freedom and movement, hence the campaign name of #YourMove.

The watch faces come in both 37mm and 40mm diameters and the bracelets are made from smooth silicon and metal. Here is just a flavour of what you can find in this beautifully considered, design-led collection.

Skinciel, €95 at Swatch


Skinnoir, €105 at Swatch

Skinclass, €105 at Swatch

#YourMove #SwatchSkin

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