10 wardrobe storage hacks that make sorting simple

In need of some extra space for your clothes but don't want to build an extension? Here are 10 of the best wardrobe storage ideas to make your life a little easier 

As a whole, we are shopping less.

This, in turn, can help us to realise that we have more than enough clothes. Subsequently, storing these items can prove to be a challenge.

However, never fear because Amazon, IKEA and even your own home have a range of storage hacks which will make organising your clothes and accessories a lot easier.


Here are 10 of the best.

Billy Bookcase

Billy Bookcase, €45 at IKEA

The now infamous Billy Bookcase from IKEA has a myriad of uses and one of those is for shoes. Not only does it take your footwear off the floor but it also tricks your mind into thinking you have a walk-in wardrobe and not a box room.

Cedar wood rings


Iris Hantverk cedar wood rings, €7 at Arket

Cedar wood rings are a classic when it comes to repelling moths and leaving wardrobes smelling fresh and clean. Place them on hangers or spread them around a wardrobe but don't place them directly on textiles as the wood may leave a grease stain.

Drawer dividers

Simple Houseware closet divider, from €13.12 at Amazon

Do your underwear drawers look as if a bomb has exploded in them? Well, Amazon is here to help. These simple contraptions make storing skivvies a walk in the park and will make your drawers a much safer place.

Folding board


Brabantia garment folding board, €12.99 at Home Store and More

I don't care what anyone says but folding clothes is sometimes a minefield with creases here, there and everywhere. This little aid makes folding a uniform affair and allows for crease-free storage.

Wall/door-mount hanging jewellery cabinet


Langria wall/door-mount jewellery cabinet, approx €91 at Amazon


I saw this on Instagram recently and was in awe for hours afterwards. Jewellery is hazardous to store in a friendly-fashion but this handy invention (that doubles as a mirror) may have just solved all of our problems.


A thoroughly cleaned suitcase is one of the best storage options, particularly for seasonal clothing. Make sure the clothing is properly folded and use acid-free tissue for an extra layer of protection.

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bag, €2.99 at Home Store and More

These are another great option for storing seasonal fashion and bedding. Compress the contents by using your household vacuum and easily store away. Avoid storing leather, wool and fluffy items in these packs, as these fibres need air and usually require hanging.


EKRAR hat and coat stand, €21 at IKEA

A coat stand is one of the most simple and effective storage solutions there is. Many of us have a habit of throwing our coats and bags on the floor or wherever it allows for the least amount of effort. However, a coat stand makes everything look a little neater and cleaner.

Hanging organiser

Closet hanging organiser, €26.95 at the Organised Store

If you need more shelving space in your wardrobe, these hanging organisers are a simple and inexpensive way to do it without the nuts and bolts.


Folding coat hanger

Housemaxs folding coat hanger, approx €15 at Amazon

If you need extra hanging space, look no further than these folding coat hangers. Mount anywhere you need it and simply fold away when you don't need it anymore.

Featured photography by @emmarosestyle.

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