Fashion Bloggers Work at Sweatshop

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When we think of reality TV, we tend to think of I'm a Celebrity, Real Housewives or best of all, The Kardashians. Yep, guilty as charged. But what we normally consider as reality TV is about to be totally upended by a new docu-series that sees three fashion bloggers join rank (and cry their eyes out) at a Cambodian sweat shop.

According to Refinery29, this is the brainchild of Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten who sent three bloggers, Frida, Ludvig and Anniken, to Cambodia where they lived with sweatshop workers and joined them at the 'office', learning the ropes of life in the factory. Even the trailer (despite the oddly upbeat music) is pretty hard viewing so we can only imagine what's in store from the whole series.

As per?an interview with Pulse director?Joakim Kleven?explained:

"It was extremely difficult to come at all in any factory inside. The only factory that has let in us, was one of the best in Cambodia, but that was not ok.?It was very hot in there, there was no toilet paper in the toilets and the chairs on which the seamstresses and seamstresses had to sit were extremely uncomfortable.?Some workers have told us that soldiers stood during her shift already behind them and they would have beaten for sewing, so much so that some of them were unconscious."


Sure to change the way you think about your own job.

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