Falling in Love with Leather

Earlier this week, we had the distinct pleasure of attending Lunch & Leather with ECCO Leather. When you think of ECCO, you tend to just think of shoes, but they are major global players when it comes to all manner of leather goods. They also provide some of the world's most fashion forward brands, as well as smaller bespoke brands, with their premium leather. We went along for gorgeous nibbles and a masterclass from their experienced tanners. If their amazing insight into the world of leather wasn't enough of a treat, we were also given the chance to design and produce our very own custom clutch bag, by way of their #FactoryPetit. To say we learned a lot that day would be an understatement.

We also got an exclusive look at ECCO's AW15 collection.

Browse our gallery of pics above for leathery inspiration!



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