An Exhibition In Dublin 8 Dissecting What Clothes Really Can Do

If you want to read a great profile about a young person working in fashion today, might we redirect you to Sin?ad Burke's blog and her interview with Andrew Bell about his exhibition Pulling Strings, which is running until 22nd February in the Steambox Gallery in Dublin 8?

It's an insightful piece of writing and the first part exposes the tiring reality that is interning in fashion. Think long hours, bad food, and seasons that bleed into each other. It ain't pretty, even if the end result is a work of wearable art. Andrew is now back from London, where he was working with JW Anderson, and he has put together a rather intriguing sounding exhibition showcasing his talent and exploring the concept of fast fashion.

Pulling Strings is derived from Andrew's 2014 graduate collection, which was a mini-collection of three 'concept-driven garments' - a jacket, shirt, and trousers, all tailored into something beyond which we are used to. Andrew has taken the idea further, using video, strings and invisible hangers to really examine what theses items are capable of. A runway shot taken on a blurry smartphone this is not. Our favourite snippet? That massive handbag. Don't know about you, but we can't cope with child-size clutches anymore.


The exhibition runs until February 22nd in the Steambox Gallery in Dublin 8.

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