Emma Watson Has A New Ethical, Chic Wardrobe

Emma Watson is a woman to be admired. She is an intelligent, undoubtedly talented actress and when she's not busy being a celebrity activist (she's a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN), you'll find her inspiring thousands of young girls to embrace their inner brainboxes as she did playing the unmistakable Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. She isn't afraid to passionately express her opinions, whether that be calling for equal rights or talking about Imposter Syndrome. Now she's taking her love of fashion and combining it with her ethical views for a unique new project.

Frequently topping many Best Dressed lists every time she steps on a red carpet, the Brown University graduate will now be maximising her role in the public eye and using it to promote sustainable, environmental fashion. She will be taking part in the Green Carpet Challenge, an organisation that works with stars and iconic designers to promote sustainable style on the red carpet.

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With the help of her stylist Sarah Slutsky, Watson has selected every outfit for her latest movie Regression press tour based on a designer or company's commitment to creating quality products made ethically and sustainably. As part of the project, each day she posts a new her look to Instagram, tagging the various designers and explaining her choice to wear their clothing.

She explained the idea behind the project on her social media page:


"Kicking off Regression! We love our rail!" she wrote. "Inspired to consider the whole process of creating a fashion look, we are thinking about all the people, pieces and moving parts! This rack includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!"

According to Vogue, Watson is said to have been inspired to get involved with the Green Carpet Challenge, after watching its recently released feature film, The True Cost, a documentary about the social and environmental impact of clothing purchases around the world.

Sustainable fashion has been the subject of much discussion in the industry for quite some time (particularly after the?Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh two years ago), and it's starting to gain real momentum, thanks to various designers? and companies efforts to promote it. For example, each awards season the Red Carpet Green Dress Competition is run by designer Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of Titanic director, James Cameron). This is where a designer must submit an outfit made solely using sustainable materials for a celebrity to wear. The iconic Vivienne Westwood is just one of the big names to support this. Also, just this week, H&M announced their intention to launch a new denim line called Close the Loop. This will feature denim styles made of recycled cotton from textiles collected in the Garment Collecting Initiative; a recycling project they took part in two years ago where they asked shoppers to donate bags of unwanted and unused clothes.?Campaigns such as Fashion Revolution are also asking consumers to question clothes companies about how they source their labour across social media in a bid to effect change in how manufacturing is carried out.

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Here's hoping this, combined with Watson's efforts to promote ethical fashion, will continue to create positive awareness, and encourage other brands to follow suit.

Via Vogue

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