Emily Ratajkowski Does Vogue's 73 Questions, Speaks As Gaeilge

If someone asked you for a word ofgaelic, what are the chances you'll rattle off ?An bhfuil cead agam dul go dt? anleithreas?? Well, model slash actress Emily Ratajkowski may have put the more forgettable of us to shame in the latest Vogue 73 Questions interview with her immediate, and somewhat empowering, recall.?Ratajkowski's father, the artist John Ratajkowski, has a home in Bantry which Emily visits often - she even wears Penneys' jeans.

The We Are Your Friends actress let the iconic magazine into her LA loft apartment for a nosy around and some quickfire questions this week. What did we learn about the Instagram superstar and occasional runway model? She likes Joni Mitchell, reading and abstract art. She stores her shoes in piles and is pals with Lena Dunham. And she's very concerned about the Syrian refugee crisis. Basically, Emily is an all round sound person. While she may lack Resse Witherspoon's backyard pool and Nicole Kidman's farm, she comes across as a very cool, and relatable individual.


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