Dress Yourself French With These 8 Gorgeous Brands

They say the French have impeccable style and fabulous designers. Being French myself, I'll happily take that. The classic Parisian look is one of my favorites; it's classic, timeless and easily adaptable. For that reason I have rounded up my absolute favorite stores, all of which are easily found in the Marais. If you're lucky enough to have planned a weekend trip to Paris, the Marais has to be on your list; I recommend going on Sunday. It is one of the most lively and beautiful places in Paris. On top of? its beautiful architecture, you can add the perfect boutiques and you have the perfect French afternoon set out for yourself, roaming and shopping in all simplicity!However if you love the look of these shops and haven't got a trip to Paris planned yet, fear not, you'll be able to order the clothes online. To think there was once a time where we managed to survive without online shopping?

Looking and feeling French has never been easier. Behold, the unmissable brands:


Claudie Pierlot incarnates ?Parisian chic? style, classic pieces with a modern twist. The clothes are timeless and can be worn for a few different seasons. Navy Blue is queen in this shop. The clothes are very feminine, modern and elegant.



Comptoirs des Cotonniers:? Their clothes have classic French cuts; Comptoirs des cotonniers thrive on affordable luxury clothing for every occasion. This brand is known to be ageless as they do clothes that can suit both mothers and their daughters!?


Maje: This brand embodies a feminine silhouette; sober, glamorous and bold clothing. They have a more edgy rock and roll side to their lines. This brand was originally created to design trendy clothes for active woman, and took a sporty twist from that idea! They use a great variety of fabrics, creating a new dimensions to the classic cuts we are used to in France.


American Vintage: This has got to be my go to shop to buy jumpers. They design everyday casual wear with simple and great fabrics and in a wonderful variety of colours. This brand was born in Marseille, the inspiration came from sportswear but now the looks range from sportswear to sophisticated with simple but perfect cuts.


LOFT design by? are known for their expertise with fabrics and shaping clothes. Their clothes are close to perfection.? Though very basic, they boast?the most luxurious?fabrics and can be worn in everyday life when paired with?your favourite?pair of jeans or some killer heels.?The major fibres are natural, organic and recycled. Once you have tried one jumper or t-shirt there you will want to live in it, it's so comfortable and soft.



Paul & Joe: For those more eccentric souls, patterns are king in this store. The designers chose to revisit the vintage scene! This shop breaks free from the previous shops listed, thanks to the fab colours and patterns! This store breaks away from the classic black, white and navy blue and creates a fresh and colourful spirit for all city and cosmopolitan girls!


Princesse Tam Tam : Hands down, this my favourite underwear store. It designs underwear, swimwear, pyjamas and home wear. It's young and vibrant, mixing prints and a variety of materials; going from silk, tulle and lace to simple cotton. They have a variation of unique colours, glamorous shapes and an exquisite attention to detail.


Des Petits Hauts: This shop makes very cute clothes, with sweet patterns, giving the clothes a very innocent look. This store started up by searching for the perfect t-shirt, with the perfect material, texture, colour and cut. Now they've expanded far beyond just t-shirts. Still, they keep a good eye on nice colours that are good for the mind and the soul, making you feel light and refreshed.

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