Ditch the Asics

Whether on a train, tram, bus, car, bike or on your own two feet, we all have to get to work. And, unless we want to get arrested, we all have to wear clothes - but often what we wear en route is different to what our colleagues see sitting at a desk come 9am. Commuter clothing exists but it's not what you think; it's time to ditch the Asics with the pencil skirt in favour of some truly practical pieces that will take you from front door to desk and won't alert the fashion police...

They adorn the feet of countless women every morning: a nondescript pair of runners, laced up to the top and paired with an ugly ankle sock. We understand that some people need a comfortable pair of shoes to get from A to B, but why oh why must they be ugly gym-runner rejects?

Trainers are having a moment right now, so invest in the right pair and your shoe choice will look part of your outfit, rather than a practical afterthought. Nike Air Max, Free Runs or New Balance are a fashion staple these days with bloggers and models and will make your commute so much cuter.

If your skirt risks ruining your modesty with a gust of wind, or when you mount your bike, why not pop on a pair of fitted shorts underneath? Discreet, very fashion-forward, and you don't risk flashing the goods at the traffic lights.


You've shopped in a department store before? Good for you, but the paper bag is not an acceptable substitute for an actual handbag. So many women lug a shopper, tote, laptop bag and handbag around each morning when the simple solution would be to invest in one multitasking wonder. Get one that fits everything you might need, whatever the situation - a large leather tote will be a real investment that you will have for years and will save you scrambling under the sink each morning for a carrier bag.

With just a few minor changes, you can avoid some heinous fashion offences before your first coffee and ensure that your outfit will work no matter what the day throws at you.

Sarah Doyle tweets at @burntheblonde

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