A Devil Wears Prada Sequel Is On The Way And Here's Your First Look

Poor Emily. Did she ever get to Paris Fashion Week after that nasty car accident?

Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada has announced her forthcoming sequel due to be released in summer 2018. The next instalment, titled 'When Life Gives You Lululemon's' switches focus from Andrea Sachs to Emily Charlton – Andrea's former, highly-strung, skinny-obsessed, anti-carb-eating work colleague.

The new storyline follows Charlton, now a high-profile celebrity image consultant in Hollywood as she trades her high-life in a busy metropolitan city for the perfectly manicured gardens of suburbia. The G&Ts are extra strong and everyone has something to say about the infamous new neighbour.

Karolina Hartwell is as A-list as they come. She's the former face of L'Oreal. A mega-supermodel recognized the world over. And now, the gorgeous wife of the newly elected senator from New York, Graham, who also has his eye on the presidency. It's all very Kennedy-esque, right down to the public philandering and Karolina's arrest for a DUI--with a Suburban full of other people's children.


The question on everyone's lips: will we see another big screen adaptation? I hope Weisberger has Streep, Blunt and Hathaway on speed dial.

When Life Gives You Lululemon's is available on Amazon from June 5th. 2018.

Emily Blunt as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada

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