Could These Be The Most Comfortable Pair Of High Heels Ever?

We all love to hate our favourite pair of high heels. They look so good but often by the end of an evening, make our poor feet feel like they've been to hell and back. Don't forget the feeling of horror when you've realised that you forgot to bring your flats with you (!).

This could all be a thing of the past, thanks to one Canadian designer who came up with the genius idea of inventing multi-height heels - these are high heeled shoes which you can convert into flats, and if you so which, change the size of the heel on the shoe to suit yourself. Why didn't we think of these?!

These are being called the world's first interchangeable heeled shoes, and were created by Canadian-born designer Tanya Heath. She wanted to create a heel that was actually comfortable, so with this in mind, every one of her shoe designs feature a button on the inside that can be pressed to release the heel, whilst allowing another alternative to be locked in or taken off altogether. What's even better is that one standard shoe can be changed from a high heel of up to 3.5 inches to a low one of 1.5 inches without having to change the composition of the design. Rejoice!

There is a huge variety of shoe and heel designs to choose from. There are a huge variety of shoe and heel designs to choose from.

Tanya told The Sun about her inspiration behind the shoes. "I wore high heels all the time: to work, to restaurants, to clubs. In the end, I just could not manage the pain anymore but I did not want to stop wearing heels. I started buying everything from gels and pads to inserts, but nothing worked for me. After a few hours, I would be in pain regardless of what I tried." After three and a half years developing the idea, and with the help of over 20 engineers, shoe designers and technicians, this unique, interchangeable shoe is now available to buy online.

Now for the bad news: the shoes don't come cheap. A standard pair can cost you €260 before you even begin buying different changeable heels for them, which retail between €20 - €25 per pair. However, they would work as a solid investment shoe buy, as there are 55 different heels variations to choose from, and 21 bases to pick from, which means altogether you have the option of 3,255 different assortments - not too shabby at all!

Perhaps this is to some, a small price to pay to have truly comfortable high-heeled shoes? Would you buy a pair of these?

Via The Sun

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