The new COS party edit is on my fashion radar – here's why

COS has often been a go-to – but not for everyone. However, its new party edit is something special and will appeal to the masses

From my late teens into my early twenties, I never really understood COS.

Yes, I appreciated the quality, but for a person who lived for bright colours, abstract prints and form-fitting pieces, the easy lines and functional nature of the clothes never appealed to me.

The Swedish brand was always superb at basics. I remember clearly purchasing a crisp white shirt and light blue fine knit, both of which I wore to death during my college years. As I began to experiment and take more risks with my style choices, I couldn't find anything that would fit my preferences. Those around me looked incredible in the directional fits, but I didn't.


I liked loud clothes. Clothes that screamed beneath the lights of a nightclub, and if the print was leopard – I was all over it. This wasn't (and still isn't) what COS is about.

Exciting yet classic

It might be age or the fact that I now appreciate good design, but COS has reappeared on my fashion radar with zealous. This is due, in part, to its new party edit. Party clothes can be a minefield. Much of it can be throwaway. Sequin dresses are all well and good, but if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

Now COS has designed an exciting yet classic collection. This is an edit which will work for any age, and that is what good fashion is all about. These pieces are built to last and will work with any existing wardrobe. There are sumptuous textures like velvet and on-trend feather. While the metallic finishes present are a welcome change from the glitter counterpart we are used to.

The classic design elements of COS are present too, such as the A-line dress and tunic tops, but there is also a sense of the new. The merino alpaca dress is unexpected, but the form-fitting design is perfection.

It's sleek and sophisticated but never boring. And it was hard work to make an edit of just a few pieces, as all of it is covetable.

On my wish list is the metallic tailored jacket and matching trousers. For me, this is the pièce de résistance. Perfect for Christmas nights out but ideal for the office too.


I am already putting my pennies away.

What we are buying

Metallic tailored jacket, €115

Metallic tailored trousers, €99


Draped tunic front tunic, €99

V-neck velvet dress, €115

Printed straight trousers, €79

Frilled shirt dress, €89


Mulberry silk-mix velvet top, €79

Feathered wrap skirt, €79

Metallic sleeveless dress, €115


Velvet straight leg jumpsuit, €125

Metallic part-cardigan skirt, €89 & Metallic part-cardigan skirt, €89

Smooth a-line dress, €89  

Seamless merino-alpaca dress, €115


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