Cannes Bans Flats From Red Carpet

First they came for celebrity selfies, and now they're out for flats.

Turns out that the Cannes Film Festival has been refusing women entry to film screenings for not wearing high heels. Screen Daily reports that festival authorities refused a group of women in their fifties access to the Sunday gala screening of the Cate Blanchett-starring Carol. This group, including some women with medical conditions, were told that they could not attend the red carpet screening because they were wearing rhinestone flats.

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When Screen Daily contacted the festival's organisers, they did not speak about the incident, but they did confirm that it was a rule of the festival that women must wear high heels to red carpet screenings.

Journalist Kate Muir drew further attention to the rather sexist rule on Twitter, with major director Asif Kapadia, who is at the festival with the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, responding that his wife was subjected to such a rule at first, but was eventually let in. If even the WAGs have to put up with convent style rules, what hope have the rest of us got?


Emily Blunt has also called BS on the rule, the Guardian reports, saying at a press conference today that ?Everyone should wear flats, to be honest.?

We have to say, the organisers of Cannes are really on the offensive when it comes to modern womanhood. A few weeks ago Festival director Thierry Fr'maux announced that he was banning the taking of selfies on the red carpet, denouncing the modern practice as ?often extremely ridiculous and grotesque.?

Via?Screen Daily and?The Guardian

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