Can I wear a leather mini dress over the age of 40?

I saw this white leather dress on the Topshop website and I thought wow...

Leather wrap mini dress, Boutique, €295 at

It instantly caught my eye, not because it's leather, but because it has a beautiful drape and an elegant silhouette. But I did quickly think: a white leather mini dress at the age of 44? Can I do that? I see plenty of women my age and older on Instagram who could totally pull this off. Kate Moss would look exquisite in it... but me? I'm not sure. It feels just a little bit Blondie for my personality (unlike Moss, there's not an iota of rock chic in me).

Whether you can "get away" with an item of clothing has much less to do with your age than your personality, doesn't it? In truth it's not my age that's troubling me, it's the fear of not looking true to myself, of appearing like I'm trying to be someone I'm not, or that I'm simply playing copycat. Imitation may be the best form of flattering, but it's the worst way to approach your wardrobe.


So I've decided to say no this beauty. But all is not lost because I've since come across this exquisite leather dress by Maison Margiella. The scariest thing about this piece isn't the fabric or leg length, it's the price... and I mean the discounted price! And why will this leather mini dress work for me when the other won't? Because the fluid silhouette feels right for me and the minimal detailing reflects my own personal style beautifully.

Leather shift, Maison Margiela, €925 (was €3,082) at

I feel comfortable looking at it, not quizzical, as I did with the Topshop piece. Now I just need to get my head around the price tag...

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