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Not everyone plumps for a new gem - there's a whole world of vintage jewellery out there.

1. Don't be lured by cheaper prices. It's possible to snag deals on vintage jewellery, but be careful not to get carried away when it comes to bidding.

2. Art Deco pieces tend to have imitation stones that have been changed and replaced with cheaper semi-precious stones.

3. Always check with a trusted jeweler or auction house to make sure the stone is an original. Understand the market

4. Understand the market. Always check prices of items prices of items you are interested in at auction houses and second-hand jewellery shops before purchasing.


5. Get a good idea of what the piece is worth, or risk overpaying. Older pieces usually look worn, but there's no reason to purchase damaged items.

6. Worn plating, tarnished or missing stones, chipped or scratched enamel all lower resale value.

7. Jewellery in need of repair should also be avoided; while scratches can be fixed, defects like cracks in the enamel or stone can't be.

8. The highest quality is always sought after in good times and bad.

9. Make sure the piece is something you will wear, not just stash in a jewellery box.

Sive O'Brien @SiveOB

This article originally appeared in IMAGE's November 2014 issue.


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