Boy Meets Girl

Let’s make this simple; it’s a no-fuss fashion thing. It’s not dowdy or thrown together, just a far more nonchalant take on dressing, inspired by androgyny. It all began last month at London’s Men’s Collections, where we were left green eyed by the boys’ new wave of cool designs. From Burberry’s blanket capes to Christopher Raeburn’s bear print sweaters, the boys have got it together. Time, then, to take a cue from the not-so-fair sex. Raid his wardrobe and beg, borrow or steal boyfriend jeans (rolled neatly at the hems to avoid any sloppiness) in baby blue hues, XL zip ups, oversized sweaters and mannish tees. Embrace the brogue or try a loafer if you’re still wary, but trust us, once you’ve tried on Penney’s metallic flats you won’t look back. Carry-alls are the accessory to haul (so damn handy and they make us feel small). Just loosen that top button and do it like a dude.


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