Eight pieces to make your holiday wardrobe more bohemian

After that bohemian look for the imminent (we hope) summer heatwave? Look no further than these eight pieces 

Here's how to achieve a nonchalant boho vibe, quicker than you can say #TezzaPresets.

If you're not familiar with the latter term, allow me to acquaint you. Conceptualised by the mega-watt influencer who goes by the same name, the Tezza app offers a variety of Lightroom filters allowing you to instantly add a bohemian flair to your feed.


In fact, you've probably noticed the number of mere mortals on Instagram with influencer-worthy feeds of vintage-style wanderlust imagery. Reader... it's most likely the Tezza presets.

Now that you know how to fake it 'til you make it, all that remains is to tackle the wardrobe. As it's Sustainability Month here at IMAGE, we're not suggesting you go out and shop up a storm on FreePeople.com. Instead, take inspiration from what's most likely stashed in the back of your own closet from vacations gone by.



One easy way to spot the basic boho b*tch (sorry) is by casting an eye over her adorned ankles. This season, the reigning aesthetic is shells, shells and more shells — judging by their prevalence on limbs all over Instagram anyway.

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Basket Bag

After all, there's no better arm candy for nailing the French-girl-meets-milk maid-who-shops-at-Reformation look we've become so accustomed to.


In an ideal world, it would be plucked from Oscar de la Renta's Spring Summer offering, but most likely it's from a market stall on some beachside promenade in Europe.


PS: If you don't have your own, ask your mum or aunties: sarongs were arguably more popular in previous decades.

Straw hat

Remember the famous Coco Chanel quote that you should take off one accessory before leaving the house? Yeah, the boho tribe do not subscribe to that school of thought. Even if you think your outfit is complete, add a straw hat for the sheer fun of it.

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Layered necklaces

When it comes to boho style, minimalism is not the aim of the game. With necklaces, stack 'em whatever way you want. Bonus points for a mix-and-match medley of vintage pendants, high street trinkets and treasures sourced from your travels.

Raffia Sandals

For when the barefoot boho belle inevitably has to return to the real world.

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A white crochet dress or skirt 

Is there anything the ultimate summer boho frock can't do? Well, surely it won't undo your mojito hangover or ease your sunburn, but it will quickly become the most reliable element of your outfit repertoire. For an unexpected twist, pair a crochet skirt with a vintage band tee or a slim-fitting denim shirt – or style a crochet dress with a black leather jacket or combat boots.

Large silk scarf


Meet your wardrobe MVP: a decent-sized square scarf, which can be used a multitude of ways. Get crafty and fashion it into a slinky bra top as shown below (this tutorial makes it look like a doddle) or use it as a headband, a bandana, a neckerchief or an accessory for your handbag.



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