How to beat your fast fashion habits: this week on Smart Casual

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Smart Casual is IMAGE's first fashion podcast, in collaboration with Kildare Village. In our bi-weekly chats, we examine why we wear the clothes we do and deal with personal style in a way that speaks to you

The buzzword of the 2019 fashion scene has definitely been 'sustainability' and this week, we are finally tackling it on the Smart Casual stage. With the fashion industry being one of the most damaging in the world to the planet, it has never been more important to reduce our spending and find more sustainable ways of keeping our style up to date.

Our hosts Marie and Sarah have very different approaches to how their shop fast fashion — Marie is practical with her purchases and rarely impulse buys, whereas Sarah loves the 'new in' aesthetic and has a wardrobe bursting at the seams — and in this episode, they come together to talk about where their tastes collide and differ.

Our hosts also offer their advice and tips on how to tackle sustainable fashion buying — from #NoNewNovember to buying Irish. What are your favourite ways to curb your fast-fashion habit?


Our guest this week is co-founder of Irish design haven Stable Ireland, Sonia Reynolds. From her former careers as a model and in fashion PR, Sonia has an extensive history with the Irish fashion scene and used it to turn her attention to Irish-made designs and materials for Stable, which produces some of the most beautiful pieces in Ireland. Marie chats to her in this episode about her history in Irish fashion, her personal style and her love of homegrown design.

Episode 30 of Smart Casual, in collaboration with Kildare Village, is available now on SoundCloud and iTunes - make sure to like, subscribe and rate us wherever you enjoy your podcasts. Smart Casual is hosted by Marie Kelly and Sarah Rickard and produced by Erin Lindsay. If you can't wait to download, have a listen to the new episode below:

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