How To Beat Blue Monday? Wear Your Happy Outfit

What better time to publish a post?on my happy outfit than on Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.?I had thought?about running?this piece last summer, but I dithered and made excuses because, in truth, my happy outfit was always going to be a winter look. I love bitingly cold days, warm red wine, cinnamon-scented?candles and wood-burning stoves, none of which work quite as well in July as they do in January. As you'll see from this picture, all of my favourite sartorial things are suited to?winter not'summer?too: furry textures, cosy knits, lots of layers, polo-necks, boots, the colour burgundy and tailored trousers (I think I managed to squeeze every one of?them into this single outfit). What chance does?Blue Monday have against this kind of sartorial weaponry?

I suppose I consider this my happy outfit because it feels completely "me". If I don't layer I tend to feel half-dressed, burgundy works wonders on my pasty Celtic complexion, and texture is something of an obsession with me, because it prevents an outfit from looking flat and generic. This DKNY knit and Gharani Strok gilet (found at TK Maxx) really finish the?look. I don't wear dresses all that often, but this Finery London piece fits with my aesthetic?because it's minimalist and not girly. Plus I really like the asymmetric hemline as it adds further interest to the outfit. I also enjoy wearing different shades of the same colourway as it gives a little more depth to a?look.


It doesn't take much to make me happy does it?

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