Are Spanx Jeans the Next Big Thing?

The skinny jean is evolving...

Many a reader has told us they swear by the wonder product that is Spanx. The super-underwear is a by-word for an immediate confidence boost what with it's streamlining and body sculpting properties. After moving into the male market in recent years, the brand is now establishing itself in jeans territory.

The Slim-X and the Signature are the two cuts currently available. While your calves may be baulking at the idea of finding themselves contained by that Spanx material fear not - the Spanx jeans come with a tummy panel hidden inside the Slim-X jean while the Signature comes with a wide, shaping waistband. Founder and self-made billionaire Sara Blakely assured The Washington Post that the fabrics have been tested and treated with special wash treatments to deliver ?the softest jeans ever.?

Spanx jeans debuted on the company's website last week. See here for more information.


So what do you think - do Spanx jeans sound like a lifesaver? Or is this an unnecessary evolution of the skinny jean? And aren't jeggings already doing this?

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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