Another Accolade for Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham started this week off on a high. On Monday, the 40-year old designer was named Britain's most successful entrepreneur, topping a list of 100 impressive names.?Business magazine?Management Today named Beckham ahead of various tech and pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. While Victoria has long been the darling of bloggers and fashion journalists the world over, such an endorsement marks the first time her corporate savvy has been so overwhelmingly endorsed.

The?Management Today judging panel didn't just take into account Beckham's international celebrity, nor did her recent BFC nomination for Best Label sway their serious minds. Instead they looked at her label's growth, turnover and job creation since the brand's establishment five years ago in 2009. Philip Beresford explained the reasons Beckham triumphed, ?Her Victoria Beckham operation, fresh from the triumphant opening of its first shop in London's Mayfair, has grown from €1m turnover to €30m in the past five years, and staff numbers are up from three to 100 in the same period. Deservedly, she is number one in these two crucial measurements for success in the MT Top 100.?

David Posser of Forbes paints these achievements with some pretty impressive statistics. ?Sales growth of 2,900% and employment growth of more than 3,200% is hardly to be sniffed at - nor is it the kind of performance that can be generated by the sparkle of celebrity alone,? writes Posser, referencing to the ever-present backbiting that surrounds Beckham's career.


We're devoted fans of Victoria by this stage. She's one of fashion's most respected names at the moment and has displayed a work ethic that would make even a Leaving Certificate student on course for 600 points baulk. Last month?we wrote about her first flagshipstore?opening on London's Dover Street and it may have become a bit of an unapologetic love-in - don't forget, she was also balancing this milestone moment with her new role as a UN goodwill ambassador for the UNAIDs campaign. Last week Beckham joined Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen as one of the nominees for the prestigious BFC Award for Best Brand.

Looks like the praise is just going to keep on coming to Victoria and we can't think of a more deserving woman.

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