Amal Clooney Wears Ripped Jeans

Remember in Mean Girls when that girl said, "I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, so I bought army pants and flip-flops"? Well that's kind of how we feel about Amal Clooney, to whom Oscar winner George Clooney is lucky enough to be married. When she stepped out in that white, Stella McCartney jumpsuit at the time of her wedding, we fled - as if from a zombie apocalypse - towards the nearest copycat jumpsuits we could find. When she went out for a dinner date donned in a crop top, we said 'hey, clearly crop tops are still en vogue' and we Asos ordered them by the truck-load.

Now? Well, now she's showing the world that she's not too fancy for laid back, ripped jeans. Amal dropped by the set of her significant other's new movie?Money Monster whilst out on a leisurely stroll with her pooches. Naturally, we've since rounded up some of our favourite holey jeans from the high street for your perusal. Despite the fact that our fathers might say 'but why would you pay money for something with holes in it' and 'sure I could cut rips in your jeans and save you a few bob', ripped jeans have made a definite comeback. Cheers, Amal.

?50, River Island



?39.95 Zara

?41.09 Asos

?29.99 H&M


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