A Gallop On Glasses

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At IMAGE, we love a piece of statement eye-wear (hello Jenna Lyons, you ROCK the look - always). But what about the boys? We talk to one of our fave singers and style-sters, who is breaking through the music scene at a rate of knots. Over to you, James Wolf...

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted glasses. In fact, I would almost say I willed myself to have glasses. I'm pretty determined and remember how, aged seven, I somehow managed to convince my mother that I needed to go for an eye exam. Sitting in front of all the all the microscopic machinery, try as I might,, my optician was having none of it. I was gutted.? Luckily for me, five years on, through what can only be described as a miracle of god the lines on the blackboard grew thicker and thicker until one day I got my wish.

IMG_6750My obsession with eyewear stems from my obsession with clothes. I would definitely tick the box labelled 'sartorially minded? in a personality quiz. They serve as the cherry on top of every outfit and reflect my mood succinctly. Perhaps one day I'm feeling serious, well then I'll reach for my Native Sons Clark Kent like frames. Or if I'm feeling, well fabulous, I'll reach for my current faves, a tropical blue pair of Max Pittions, which are just the most incredible things I've ever clapped eyes on, let alone owned.

Hands down the best place I've ever bought glasses from has to be Optica on Dawson Street. It's like a glittering Aladdin's Cave for the optically inclined. In all my travels, I've never come across a store quite like it.? Each frame feels and looks so special and often times the only other stockists are places like Collette and Dover Street Market. ?It's safe to say that I've never managed to leave without something new on my face. Other great places I've been known to empty my pockets in are Fabulous Fanny's in New York and Specstacular in Shoreditch. Both veer away from the everyday and have the wittiest of? specs.

My two pieces of advice when off to get new glasses (lucky you!) are that firstly personality is key. Don't go for safe frames. They'll do nothing for you. If you have to put furniture on your face, you may as well go for gold.? Take a chance and buy something that will give you an edge. ?My second piece of advice is that one pair of glasses is never enough. You don't have only one pair of shoes do you? Exactly.






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