What We've Learned From Paris Fashion Week So Far

One of the most highly anticipated fashion weeks kicked off on Tuesday, September 27th, and will run until October 5th. Now entering its fourth day, we're taking a look at what we've learned so far, and asking ourselves a very important question: has fashion gone mad?

Painting your pets is a thing

As seen at the?Manish Arora runway. The colorful collection resembled the result if Barbie, a Cabbage Patch Kid, and Polly Pocket had a child. We recommend?wearing all of the colours, but we don't recommend painting your pooch.



Sheer is back

As seen at Saint Laurent. We can already hear the mothers of Ireland screaming "she'll catch her death in that!". It's daring, bold, and elegant when worn correctly. Not so suitable for our weather, though.

Saint Laurent



As seen at Maison Margiela. Very Spok/Star Trek inspired, and while we're not sure it'll take off as the latest must-have trend, we're all over wearing glitter brows outside the realms of an Irish festival.

Maison Margiela



Plastic Fantastic

The PVC/wet leather trend has come around'season after season, and each time we see a reinvention of a traditional look. Saint Laurent have combined this PVC long-sleeved top with a prairie-style neckline, with boyfriend-fitted jeans to create a look that could go from day to night

Saint Laurent


If Marie-Antoinette was going to the gym

Rihanna's second collection for Puma was highly anticipated, and there was a lot of pressure weighing on the singer/songwriter-turned-fashion designers shoulders. But she delivered; producing a package that resembled something that "Marie-Antoinette would wear to the gym". Move over Balmain Army, there's a new posse in town.


Puma x Fenty

See our gallery for more looks straight from the catwalks this week.

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