9 Crow Street

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Walk-running hastily along the Quays on my way to work this week, I noticed an unfamiliar shop-front. With its pink exterior and glittery garb on display it looked like a doll’s house might do if their hipster mates came over for a tea-party and never left. Could this be it? By gum it was. 9 Crow Street has re-located to its new spot on 5 Lower Ormond Quay, moving northwards and laying claim to the riverside as one wishes more quality shops did. The new store is gorgeous in the extreme, and with its new lease of life come a few cheeky perks. Teaming up with the indomitable ladies of Tropical Popical they will be running a nail-bar on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and take-out coffees will be on tap soon. If you're still lusting for more, run an eye over their rather slick website  – nice pics of PYTs donning vintage gems that are available, and orders of over €60 get free shipping to UK & Ireland.

For a limited period 9 Crow Street are offering 20% off all items for Image.ie readers. Shop HERE *yAy*

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