8 Ways To Nail Festival Style This Year

We are living in a post-Moss world and in the last few years festival style has (thankfully) turned its back on the khaki jackets, denim shorts, and hunter wellies snooze-fest.

Gone is the po-faced 'model off duty' bullsh*t, festival?fash has returned to the flamboyant roots of 60s flower power, 70s punk?and early 90s ravers. In short, anything goes.

Makeup: Go Big Or Go Home

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to fesitval makeup. Treat your face as a canvas and get creative. These blooms are particularly beautiful.


Via @eilidhhoop

Body Jewelry

Maybe getting a new piercing for the festival season sounds like too much commitment but body piercing has gone high fashion and all the coolest women we know have the septum piercing. And let's face it if you are unwilling to permanately?alter your body in the quest for nailing 2017 festival fashion do you even belong there?!


Camping Accoutrements


It's not just tents and sleeping bags anymore. Colourful?parasols, wacky inflatables, solar-powered fairy lights,?candelabras?(yes,really)?are all considered camping essentials this year.


More is More

Screw Chanel's maxim about removing one item before leaving the house in the morning. A festival is no place for Coco's prescriptive fashion advice. When assessing your festival outfit, basically don't stop adding items until your eyes hurt.



Be Uncompromising In Your Hair Approach

At the very least dye it a bunch of colours. For the truly committed, the Glitter Parting is a sign of undying devotion to the festival spirit. The force is strong in this reveler and frankly, we're a little jealous of her sheer moxy, because as we all know that sh*t is gonna be a b*tch to get out. Respect, glitter parting pixie, woman. Respect.



They have to be done but they don't have to be dull.



Glitter boots €9 at Penneys



The playsuit is a double-edged sword when it comes to festival attire. On the one hand, it's a one-stop garment: just one item and voila, you're dressed. On the other hand, you've got to get pretty naked in order to go pee. Your call.


Jumpsuit at Mango

Mac to the Max

It's going to rain, this is a foregone conclusion. You will also become separated from your friends at some point. Remedy both of these festival?problems in one move with this totally understated?raincoat. You're?welcome.

Metallic mac, €52 at Topshop

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