Seven simple ways to add polish to your look every day of the week

Have you noticed that certain women always have an enviable polish to their look? These women garner admiration from others irrespective of their personal style because they appear to command respect from others and inspire confidence in themselves. It's a skill and one that any woman can learn.

Pressing Concerns

Ensure your outfit is always beautifully pressed. Creases can make your clothes look unloved and uncared for and make people think your sloppy not just sartorially but in others ways too. Take a few minutes to iron each item - it never takes as long as you think.


Suit Yourself


Choose well-tailored pieces. If you want to buy inexpensively, have each piece you buy tailored just for you. It's a really cost-effective way of elevating your outfits, and there are many great alterations services on our high streets. Always go with a tailor or seamstress who is recommended to you, though, as you don't want an outfit irrevocably ruined regardless of what it cost.

Go Co-ordinated

Matching your bag and shoes always looks smart. Perhaps it's that nod to the 1950s when women always dressed to impress, or the paradoxical mix of conservatism and glamour that co-ordinated accessories suggests? Either way, give it a go.

Embrace Neutrals

Try giving head-to-toe neutral tones a go. It looks understated and classy, but effortless too, and it will help to elongate your body. But choose a hue that flatters your complexion. Also, mix up shades and textures to add interest and prevent your outfit from looking boring or bland.


Hair Necessities

A good blow-dry adds instant polish to any look - it's the ultimate finishing touch. There are so many salons these days that open early enough to get a blow-dry before an important meeting or event, so there's no excuse not to put on your A game when needed.


Outer Edge

A great coat is essential. If your outerwear looks slick and polished, nobody needs to know that you're wearing a mothballed old cashmere sweater underneath. A beautiful wool coat in a classic neutral always looks smart, but be brave and introduce colour if you want to punctuate all the somber neutrals on the streets at this time of year!


Elegantly Waisted

A cinched-in waist instantly pulls together an outfit. Choose a belt in a skin such as snake, crocodile or leopard, and wrap it around a shirt, skirt or even your coat for a look that says I'm in control.

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