7 Pairs Of Socks Your Man Will Be Happy To Get This Christmas

Take a look at a man’s socks, and you’ll take a look into his soul. (That’s how the phrase goes, right?)

Gone are the days of boring black, glum grey and limp beige. One peep down as you walk along the streets, and you’ll notice flickers of colour and designs and patterns and personality. Some guys prefer patterns but keep it low-key when it comes to colour. Others are all about the eye-popping pantones; flashing a little crimson red or chintzy pink as they take a seat amongst a crowd. 

Men are diving feet first into the world of sock fashion, and the knock-on effect means that Christmas gifting has just become a whole lot easier. What was once a drab dud-gift, has now got a serious upgrade as sock fashion has opened itself to a world of endless possibilities and colour combinations – and the men are LOVING IT.

Justin Trudeau, a famous sock-lover with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who shows off his Canadian-inspired socks

Whatever the individual preference, new brands such as Happy Socks and Irish Socksciety have you - and your feet - covered as they cater to each whim and fancy, and the old reliables such as M&S are following suit. We are loving this trend and welcome the injection of pizazz and fun it brings, especially when the weather’s grey and the news is verging on apocalyptic... Scroll for the pairs that caught our eye: 

5 pairs of Mr Men embroidered coloured socks, €20 at Marks & Spencer


Filled Optic Sock, €9 on happysocks.com 


Paul Smith polka dot socks, €16 at Brown Thomas


“Did You Turn Off The Immersion?” socks, €9 at irishsocksciety.com


Jacquard-knit socks, €2.99 in H&M


“Albert Einstoe”, €9.03 on chattyfeet.com


Polo Ralph Lauren rugby stripe socks (2pk), €19.96 at brownthomas.com

So this Christmas why not sock it to the man in your life?!


Featured image via blacklapel.com


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