6 Top Tips to Win the Kilkenny Ladies Day Competition at the Galway Races

Ditch the frothy brolly, the lace gloves and the layers of pearls.

There's only two weeks to go until Image editor-in-chief Melanie Morris will be scanning the throng of glamorous get-ups at the Galway Races alongside RTE presenter Maura Derrane, Irish Independent Fashion & Weekend Magazine Editor Bairbre Power, and Catwalk Model Agency owner Mandy Maher to find the winner of the Kilkenny Best Dressed Lady Competition.

If you want to win Best Dressed, Best Irish Design or Best Hat at this year's Ladies Day - take serious note of what will impress Melanie Morris:

1 YOU!

I'm looking for someone special, someone with true individuality and someone like previous winners Sinead Donnelly and Annemarie O'Leary, whose look I'll remember for years to come (no pressure, so!). The best way to achieve that memorable look is to dress in your style. Don't copy, don't try to second-guess what I'll like. Be you, and be your most stunning you!



To catch my eye, dress with one main area of focus, then let the rest of your outfit calmly enhance that piece. Perhaps it's a flamboyant hat, with minimal accessories and a tonal dress, or maybe all focus goes on the frock, with hat, bag and shoes to pick up its accents. Don't try to do too much with one look, it'll get overwhelmed.


As a beauty editor, I'm a sucker for good nails, glowing skin, fresh lipstick and neat hair, so put as much work into your beauty regime as you have your outfit, it'll pay off.


I'm not a fan of clich?, so the Kilkenny Most Stylish Lady won't be a version of what's gone before. Don't follow the herd, but bring something new to Ballybrit and you'll lead the fashion pack.



Of course a hat is essential, but so are great shoes. They don't have to be towering heels (I doubt I'll be able to go the distance in a pair of stilettos), but I want to lust after your footwear, so wear something you'll be comfortable in that I'll want to steal.


Ditch the frothy brolly, the lace gloves and the layers of pearls, I'm all for femininity, but don't want frilly overload. By all means rock something vintage; Florence Welsh, Dawn O?Porter and Amy Huberman do so with the sort of serious style smarts I adore.

Most of all? have a ball! Galway Races Ladies Day only comes around once a year, so gather your girls, dress up and make the occasion memorable!?See you on the turf.

For more hints to win big on July 30th in Galway, see?here

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