6 streamable SS20 fashion shows to watch for post-lockdown outfit inspiration

Our sartorial sights are set on the summer, and outfit combinations are inspired by our YouTube habits this week

I'm sure we're very familiar with YouTube these days, but I am here to suggest watching something other than 10 craziest Catfish moments or old clips from Eastenders. If you're missing dressing up for the weekend/work/any outing from your house (I am too), why not use your unlimited time on YouTube to fuel your outfit inspiration for when we all return to normal life?

Some of fashion's most prestigious names are catching on to the power of the internet, and have introduced their shows to be streamed on YouTube, much to the delight of us fashion-lovers who cannot attend the live events. Since the beginning of the lockdown, there has been a lot of talk about how it will affect the fashion industry - will we see a move away from the traditional, high-end process of runways and tickets, as well as turning away from the fast fashion machine? Only time will tell, but the cogs have already been put in motion.

While some of the industry's smaller names are still unavailable (as of yet) on YouTube, the big brands have let us in to their sparkly world, and this is the perfect opportunity to dive in.


Gucci SS20

Big sunglasses, sparkly kaftans and flowy whites and beiges have us dreaming of a Gucci summer this year.

Marc Jacobs SS20

That Harry Styles yellow suit with the purple bow? It's here, enveloped in organza flowers, Twiggy lashes and the 70's colour palette we've all been lusting after.

Celine SS20


If this collection was anything to go by, I may actually be coming around to New Celine. As easy to wear and practical as any runway show this season, Celine's SS20 collection is one you can emulate easily from your own wardrobe.

Louis Vuitton

Preppy chic is alive and well, according to Louis Vuitton. Blazers, big collars and sweatervests abound, even for the summer time - just pair with a short skirt and you're good to go.

Christopher John Rogers September 2019


Just for some out-and-out fun with fashion, if emerging star Christopher John Rogers' fabulous September show doesn't distract you, nothing will. Big ballgowns, big make-up, and big attitude - we're here for it.

Valentino Haute Couture

Why not finish off your fashion education with a visit to the dreamworld of Valentino's haute couture? Feathers, embellishments and pink, pink and more pink - this is what the inside of my head looks like.

Featured image: Christopher John Rogers SS20 via Jason Lloyd Evans

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