6 Pairs Of Jeans Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of jeans - you know, the ones that make you feel sexy, confident, capable, comfortable and every other positive feeling that the right pair of jeans can give you? - we love the opportunity of trying?them before we buy them. There's a lot to consider with this kind of purchase. They need to fit perfectly; they need to hug you in all the right places and enhance that which you want to draw attention to. The last thing you want is a pair of jeans that sag around the bum or gather too much around the knees. And how many times have you fallen victim to a pair of jeans that look great the first time you wear them, and then lose their shape entirely after the first wash? If and when you find the right pair, however, they become a second skin, an item of clothing that you loathe throwing in the washing machine because you'll miss them that much. If you buy right - opting for high-quality material with the right amount of stretch - they'll become an instant investment that, unlike any other item in your wardrobe, you'll get years out of. Knowing how important jeans are to women, Arnotts have launched a dedicated jeans bar within the store, where you can not only find your perfect fit but find all of the best brands - from classics such as Levis and Wrangler to modern brands like Paige and Selected Femme - under one glorious roof. Need a little extra help? Book in a 90 minute slot - free of charge - with their personal shopping virtuosos who'll guide you on the brands, styles and washes that will best suit your shape. It's a shopping experience you deserve. And then, when you've found the brand for you, you can shop 'til your heart's content online, safe in the knowledge that you won't have to worry about unwanted returns.

Here, with the help of the Arnotts jeans bar, we?chronicle the six varying'styles of jeans that every woman should own. Browse the styles that take your fancy in our gallery above!

Flares. Okay, this particular jeans style may only have become a wardrobe essential after the 70s trend came back with a bang on the SS16 catwalks, but for gals who like to make a fashion forward statement, the right pair of flares are the way to go. Plus, they're incredibly flattering on all body shapes.


Boyfriend jeans. A little harder to pull off, if you do manage to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, you'll struggle to get out of them. Period. Either dress them down with a pair of sneakers for comfy, laid back weekend?brunches, or dress up with Rihanna style two-strap heels for super stylish points.

Straight. If you're looking for a style that will give more balance to your figure (given that most of us are wider at the hips than we are at the ankles), a pair of straight legged jeans can enhance your figure in all the right ways. A straight pair of black jeans work wonders for your office chic wardrobe.

Skinny. Chances are you'll want more than the one pair of skinnies but whatever your shape, skinny jeans - when made with the right material that doesn't lose shape after just one wash, nightmare - will become a second skin and your go-to jeans no no matter what the occasion is.


High Rise. Thanks to the trend of crop tops and the fact that we're not quite okay with baring our midriffs, the high rise jeans have become a wardrobe staple. Hugging your tummy, enhancing your waistline, lifting your bum - they tick all of our boxes.

Distressed. It's always good to have something edgy in the mix and distressed jeans are perfect for your casual Fridays.


Click the links above to shop these looks online, and for more jeans inspiration, head to?Arnotts.ie

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