5 Workout Looks To Wear From Gym To Brunch

We often need more than simply the promise of improved health and mental well-being when dragging our kicking and screaming bodies to the gym. We need sartorial incentives and the promise of some tasty treats at brunch to follow the gruelling sesh.?

Thanks to a kind of unanimous bid for comfort in the style realm over the last few years, no one bats an eye when we amble around in our workout gear from morn to night. Sadly the downside to all the widespread lycra acceptance?has been a certain amount of increased expectations around how well we "do" the gym thing.

Here we've got five gorge takes on athleisure that'll take us from gym-based blood,'sweat and tears to Bloody Marys.

Disclaimer: We get that you may not quite manage the treadmill in this cold-shoulder, tulle-embellished sweatshirt, but practicality isn't everything. We're mainly working off the assumption that like us, you'd literally do anything - example: set yourself on fire - to avoid cardio, so these outfits are mainly for wearing while replenishing water bottles, eating protein bars and considering doing some mild weight lifting.


Yoga babe

The yoga look is the ultimate hungover-at-brunch vibe, we advise pairing with some dark sunnies and some vague plan of going to vinyasa?later.

Cropped breton'tee, €8 at Penneys

Seanfree'sports bra, €4 at Pennys


Yoga pants, €19.90 at Uniqlo

Patterned Planking?

A strong pattern will drown out the sounds of other people working a lot harder than us in the gym,?plus the Adidas x Stella McCartney is pretty much the only reason we got the stupid gym membership in the first place.

Hoodie, €29.95 at Zara

Leggings, Adidas by Stella €58.91 at Asos


Trainers, Adidas by Stella €108.10 at Asos

Concept Crunches

This is the high concept take on gym wear, we might be exposing our lack of knowledge about what actually takes place in a gym - don't judge.

Cold shoulder sweatshirt, €35 at River Island


Bra, €17.99 at H&M

Leggings €22.99 at H&M

Trainers, €110 at &OtherStories

Jumpsuit Jymbunny

We're loving the Fame vibes of this gym-friendly jumpsuit.


"You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying... in sweat."

Workout jumpsuit, €24.99 at H&M

Top, €19.90 at Uniqlo

Trainers, €90 at &OtherStories


Colour Block?

A good colour block will definitely distract from the fact that we're crying in pain and we're only on the 5kg dumbells.

Sweatshirt €29.95 at Zara

Crop top €19.99 at New Look


Pants, €14.90 at Uniqlo

Trainers, €100 at &OtherStories

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