5 vegan, eco-conscious trainer brands to switch to in 2020

Make the swap with these eco-conscious trainer brands that never compromise on style

Making small, continuous changes is the real key to making an impact when it comes to sustainability. In 2020, we are lucky to have thousands of sustainable options at our fingertips, in everything from food to homewares to fashion. If you've been slowly changing your shopping habits to a more eco-conscious way of spending, it makes sense to have the wardrobe to match.

We spend our life either in bed or in our shoes, so it makes sense to invest in both. A great pair of shoes that will stand the test of time, both in durability and in trend, will cost money, but it's well worth it to reduce your impact on the constant greed of fast fashion.

If you're really invested in making sustainable fashion changes, opting for specifically eco-conscious brands is your first port of call. These five trainer brands specialise in stylish, comfortable footwear that has as little impact on the planet as possible. You may have even spotted one or two on Instagram as they rise through the ranks of influencer-approved style. Whatever style you're into, there's a sustainable pair to match.


Allkind Vegan

Lucy gold vegan leather lace trainer, now £120.00 (€133 approx.)

Launching this year, Allkind is very new to the sustainable scene, but their wide range of footwear and their eco-conscious message makes them stand out. Their products are designed in the UK and handmade in Spain, using 100% vegan materials. The brand prioritises recycled material, in both the product (the soles are 100% recycled) as well as packaging and brand materials, like business cards. You may have spotted them on your Instagram feed as of late, with presenter Laura Whitmore posting them just yesterday.




V-10 CWL white oxford grey, €130

I mean, who doesn't own a pair of Vejas at this point? Undoubtedly the most popular vegan trainer of 2020, Vejas have been making their sustainable styles since 2005, gaining cult status in the process. Veja focuses not only on sustainable materials, but also collaborates closely with its Fairtrade producers in Brazil. Their production process is totally transparent, which you can browse through on their website.



Women's tree dashers, €135

If a great-quality, sustainable running shoe is what you're after, look no further than Allbirds. Rigorously tested, there's no doubt these will perform well on our 5ks, but what's really impressive are the materials. Eucalyptus uppers, natural rubber soles, Merino wool, and all with a carbon-neutral focus in mind.

Po Zu

Sneak black apple skin's, £65 (approx. €72)

Po Zu's star product in a line of eco-conscious footwear is their Apple Skins — a vegan alternative to leather that is durable and water resistant. The above style is 100% vegan, and made in Portugal, with comfortable Memory Foam soles (made from natural latex and cork). The Apple Skins are sold out at the moment, but are due to be restocked next month.



Edda maxi-sole sneaker, €120 

The clue is in the name with Nae — it stands for No Animal Exploitation, using entirely vegan materials in their wide range of footwear. Using natural materials like cork, recycled materials like PET and using ethical practices make this a great brand to get started with in ethical footwear.

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