5 Stylish Sustainable Brands You Need To Know

Fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world after oil. Let that fact soak in for just a second.

And while we know that it can be difficult to resist the allure of 'fast fashion' and all of its affordable offerings, (we're looking at you, Zara) it's time to stop over-buying and start shopping smarter. Indeed, eco-friendly consumerism is on the rise, catering to customers looking to make a positive change and beneficial impact on the environment. And while the use of organic materials and Fairtrade practices can often make garments more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts, in the long run, sustainable fashion tends to last longer. Ethical, stylish and resilient, well, what are you waiting for?

Read on to learn more about the need-to-know labels making it easier (and chicer) than ever to shop sustainably.



A textile graduate from India,?Aneeth Arora specialises in conscious?clothing known for its intricate detailing and vibrancy. Her exclusive line of sustainable clothing consists of breezy womenswear with a focus on handloom and upcycled waste cloth. Arora initially began upcycling her own jackets as a way to reduce her own consumerism (and avoid the inevitable waste associated with mass-produced fashion) before launching her own label P?ro in 2010. Organically-grown cotton shirts and dresses with lace detailing help to round out the delightfully bold and vivid collection, which is available now at Havana Boutique in Donnybrook, Dublin 4.


Designed in London by Polish designer, Agata Kozak, and made in Europe under ethical working conditions, COSSAC promotes a minimal capsule wardrobe offering a curated selection of contemporary basics made with affordable threads. Each garment is intended to be trans-seasonal with the aim of minimising wastefulness. This is efficient, ethical dressing at its finest.

Conscious Collection by H&M

Okay, so we wholly recognise that H&M is first and foremost a key player in the fast fashion trade, however, let's not grab for those pitchforks just yet. The Conscious Collection is an integral aspect of H&M's move towards a more sustainable future. Indeed, across the company's entire offering, 26% is now made from sustainable material with a goal each year to increase the share. By 2020 H&M aims for 100% of its cotton to be sustainably sourced, proof of the long-term commitment the chain has to making ethical, good quality clothing accessible to as many people as possible.




?Less is more? is Dubliner, Catr?ona Lynch's philosophy. In an effort to change the throwaway mentality of fast fashion, Lynch is set to launch Sustain/Sister, a double-duty boutique comprising of clothing you can purchase as well as borrow on Monday, July 17. With a carefully curated selection of ethical, sustainable brands on offer, there will also be an assortment of environmentally friendly pieces available to rent for women who want a new look for every event.


One quick scroll through It brand-of-the-moment Reformation's website and you'd probably have a hard time detecting the sustainability ethos of the brand. Beloved by celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whitely and designed and manufactured in downtown Los Angeles, all garments are produced using sustainable fabric and recycled vintage garments, resulting in effortlessly feminine clothing that is stylish as well as wallet-friendly.


WORDS BY: Hannah Grimes

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