5 Of The Best Fashion Apps For You To Try

Ah, technology, where would we be without you? You've helped us get to the moon, you've helped us to cure deadly diseases, and you've even helped us to shop from any corner of the world while we blissfully rest our weary heads in a hot bubble bath (bye bye summer) after a long day on the grind. Here are the best fashion apps we've come across lately to help keep your wardrobe happy.

KEEP is a revolutionary new app that allows shoppers to buy any product, from any shop, anywhere in the world, without leaving the app or website homepage. This never-been-done-before venture has the potential to completely change e-commerce, and make the process easier and more pleasant for customers. Sign me up!

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Do you have an obsession with celebrity culture? Have you always dreamed of owning Kyle Jenner's dog-chewed Fendi Bug keychain??Secret Closet?is the latest fad in the world of celebrity?endorsements?and gives us normal folk a glimpse into the wardrobes of?the elite, and even bag a luxury bargain or two. Secret closet users include Emily Ratajkowski, Irina Shayk, and Vanessa Hudgens.

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Chic Sketch is a brilliant app that allows you to turn your fashion-savvy-snaps into chic illustrations. Think of it like Snapchat; only you get your own custom illustration. There's also an option to buy your custom illo for $4.99 so you can print it and hang your art on your wall.

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Stylect?is the Tinder of the shoe world. This clever shoe app combines over 30,000 shoes from bespoke designers to high-street shops - all at discounted prices. Navigating your way through the app is easy, but the desktop version is even more impressive. The thing I really like about this app is that it caters for smaller sizes as well as half-sizes.




So your friend is wearing something you really want, but she doesn't know where she bought it, what do you do? ASAP54 has cleverly used image recognition and keyword recognition to search the web quickly. It works similarly to an Instagram feed: the user uploads an image of the product or products that they want to find, and the app'searches for the items or items that look similar. It also lets you adjust the price within your own price range.


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