5 Metallic Shoes To Get You Through Summer

We've wanted to dress like regional ballroom champions ever since we saw Baz Luhrmann's spectacular Strictly Ballroom. These ASOS heels are that entire aesthetic's spirit animal.

Brogues are sturdy, and they go perfectly with all kinds of trousers. They also have the potential to be the most fun footwear at any party. These two-tone ALDOs are perfect for perking up Irish summer attire.

These block sandals from Oasis have a girlish hint of lilac to them if Olympic gold or second place silver are not your thing. Ideal with dark jeans.


Oasis Metallic Shoes

Are you still a runners girl at heart? Banish all bottom of the gym bag thoughts with these iconic Adidas Superstars that hark back to the 1980s model that anyone who had any nous stomped about in.

Birkenstocks are still having a moment after last year's constant talk about Normcore. The two strap slider is a familiar site to most fashion types, because why mess with a classic? We love the holographic feel of this pair.

1. Asos / 2. ALDO / 3. Oasis / 4. Adidas / 5. Birkenstocks

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