5 colours to wear this winter when you're sick of black and grey

Winter doesn't have to mean muted

When the outside world is 50 shades of grey (and not in a fun way), it can be easy for your wardrobe, and mood, to follow suit. Dressing up has taken on a whole new meaning for people this year, in what has often been one of the only ways to feel normal, and to put a spring in the step of an otherwise dull day. Now that the seasons have changed, and we're hunkering down for winter, that doesn't mean that our efforts to jazz up our outfits have to cease. Colour is a timeless, seasonless, Covid-less thing, and we should embrace it at every time of the year.

Now, that's not to say that if black, grey and beige are your power shades, that you should abandon them. The number one rule of dressing, for me anyway, is always to wear something you are comfortable in. Dress for yourself, and the rest will follow. But if, like me, wearing an entirely neutral outfit leaves you feeling a little out of sorts, there are plenty of ways to incorporate colour into your winter wardrobe.

If you're unsure of where to start, here are five shades that are entirely winter-friendly, without being overtly loud and eye-watering (like our summer favourites). These shades can be worn even in a piece of jewellery, and will instantly add a point of difference to an otherwise basic outfit. Read on to see why we love them, and which pieces we're coveting in their name.


Cerulean blue

Yes, that shade of Miranda Priestley-blue. It's true that this is the blue that launched a thousand memes, but apart from all of that, cerulean is just a beautiful shade to wear. Paired well with denim, as well as a pop of colour in a black or grey outfit, cerulean brings us feelings of ocean views and evenings on holidays, while still being cool enough to work well in winter.

Cropped Wool Alpaca Blend Cardigan, €59 from & Other Stories

Moss green

As we're all spending more time outdoors these days, it's natural that our minds would wander to the many shades of green that populate the Irish landscape. Moss green may sound rough and ready, but it's a very refined and classic shade when paired correctly. A wool skirt or a chunky sweater, with purples, beiges and pinks work wonders.


Mr Mittens balloon-sleeve cable-knit wool sweater, €445 from Matches Fashion

Dusky rose

There's no need for your pretty pink summer dresses and power suits to be packed away for winter - a dusky rose shade works just as well in the cold as it does in the sun. While the summer can be full of fuschia and hot pink fun, winter has a much more grown-up vibe when it comes to Barbie's colour of choice - pair with creams, whites and pale blues for a sugary sweet look.

Michael Kors Collection Charlie wool-blend crepe flared pants, €750 from Net-a-Porter

Tangerine orange

Fruity shades are just the thing to brighten up a winter outfit. I particularly love pops of orange in OTT jewellery at this time of year, but a subtle peek of a bright orange blouse under a dark blazer or cardigan is just as effective.


Satin blouse, €49.99 from Mango

Ruby red

If you need some warmth at this time of year, fiery red shades are always a winner. Red is always a knockout in my book - it can completely transform the feel of an outfit and inject some confidence right where you need it. It's possible to be subtle with red but I wouldn't bother - an all-out, red party dress is what I'm looking for this year.

A-line dress, €34.99 from H&M

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.


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