5 Of The Best Soft Bras And Why We're Ditching Underwires

Soft-cup bras are generally targeted to those of us *blessed* with smaller chests or women who are expecting, but the consumer market is changing and more women - big boobed as well as small - are ditching the wire in search of ultimate comfort; and I've joined them (**not blessed).

I hated wearing bras when I was younger - mainly because I didn't feel the need as a result of being so slight-chested (and my brother very aptly posed the question: "if you didn't have feet, would you still wear socks?"). But I was persuaded - coerced even - by my mother who told me "they'll grow" if I wear "proper" underwire bras.

They didn't. But I did continue wearing them. While underwires do help to accentuate my not-so-obvious curves, give my clothes a better fit, and give me a confidence boost, I find them utterly uncomfortable, and for that reason alone I've chosen not to wear them. Up until quite recently, cleavage was seen as the ultimate representation of femininity and sexuality, but thankfully, this isn't 'on trend' any longer and women are now opting for a softer, gentle, and elegant approach to lingerie. The result is a more natural-looking, flattering, and pretty bust cocooned in beautiful material.

If you're ready to ditch the wire and reach comfort level 1000, here are five gorgeously delicate bras suitable for all breast shapes and sizes to get you started:

H&M Non-wired Lace Bralette €10.49



Topshop Premium Applique Triangle Bra??36


ERES Pop Up floral-lace soft-cup bra €260






Katie Eary?Fish-print silk-satin bra??106


Lonely Lingerie Effie Softcup Bra Chartreuse €70


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