4 Trends To Fall For This Autumn/Winter 2015

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Autumn/ Winter 2015 is set to be quite an exciting and creative one for us fashionistas. We've been dabbling in the glorious 1970s trends for the last two seasons and while that golden time's still hanging on by a boho thread, we're slowly but surely seeing a delve into other eras gone by for the colder months ahead. Who knew the 1980s and Victoriana would share the catwalks this season?

Whether you're still attached to your floaty florals or are keen on snapping up a pair of oversized Granny-glasses, the high-street has you covered; one of the best aspects to AW €15 is that it won't leave your bank account dry and it's likely that you may already own a lot of key items. Also, worth mentioning is that charity shopping is one of the greatest (and most ethical) ways to snap up pieces that you may only see yourself wearing once or twice per season. Pop into one on your lunch break and you may be surprised at what buried treasure you find!

The 1970s trends we've been seeing since 2014 are easily accessible to all - whether you like to stomp down Grafton Street in platforms and a printed poncho that'd give Bianca Jagger a run for her money or prefer an androgynous ode to Yves Saint Laurent by wearing a simple tux and skinny scarf, the trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon - believe me!

Recycle your 70's-style buys for Winter and be super-clever with layering. Flowy frocks and sheer blouses aren't the warmest of garments, so layer up with knitwear, thick tights (think blacks, navies and berry-tones to keep in with the trend) and stock up on basics to wear underneath. Knee-high boots were ?the? shoe on AW €14 and you can wipe the dust off them for this season too, as they're ideal for layering underneath bohemian dresses and over jeans.



Catwalk inspiration: Burberry, Anna Sui and Chlo?

Granny-chic (or ?geek-chic? as it's being called in some cases) tends to be a trend that pops up every couple of years. We all have that one friend who swears by brocade, wears gigantic vintage jewellery and glasses twice the size of her head (whether she can see without them or not). Look to her this season; Granny-chic is a trend not everyone can pull off, admittedly, as you can easily go from looking like you've embraced layering, to resembling an antique store on legs. It's a trend you can take inspiration from here and there and incorporate into your usual outfits quite easily.

The clashing of textures and prints is a must-do; think teddybear coats mixed with oversized knits, metallic knee-length skirts teamed with chunky socks, ?fugly' loafers and floral jackets. Charity shops and your Nan's wardrobe will be your treasure chest for sourcing out pieces to emulate an Advanced Style heroine - you most definitely do not need to break the bank for this.


Catwalk inspiration: Prada, Channel and Gucci

The 1980s are an era equally loved and loathed by many - particularly when it comes to the clothing of the decade. This season sees the return of geometric prints, ruffles, metallics, bright jewel tones and even (sometimes terrifying) power shoulders.

Like most trends, this is definitely one you can wholeheartedly embrace or avoid altogether. Personally, I don't see myself leaving the house wearing a Balmain-esque ruffled dress but I can totally embrace metallics. Metallics are generally easy to wear and sticking to shades like silver or muted blues, means you'll have an array of choice when it comes to styling them. Mini skirts, biker jackets and shoes are generally the best metallic pieces to invest in, as they're wearable, can transcend into other seasons and you'll get more wear out of them for your cash.



Catwalk inspiration: J.W Anderson, Balmain and Saint Laurent

Victoriana is my personal favourite trend (no surprise there). Think all things Gothic, black, lace and floor-length. Embrace your inner Morticia by scouring charity shops, vintage stores and the high-street alike for ruffled blouses, delicate lace dresses (stick to black, ivories, muted pinks and lilacs) and hair accessories such as thick velvet headbands and diamont? clips.

if you don't want to end up looking like the grim-reaper, stick to one ?key? item - whether it be a dress, bag or shoes - and keep everything else simple. Buying key items such as a standout dress or a silk blouse would be wise, as they're easy to wear for a handful of different occasions throughout the season and beyond. Change them up with accessories, for example; adding a black ribbon to the neck of a blouse or a belt to a dress instantly creates a whole new look.

You'll be joining the cast of The Addams Family in no time!


Catwalk inspiration: Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Simone Rocha



BY Leanne Woodfull, who is taking the reins as our first pop-up fashion editor for this month.

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