4 Of The Best Shopping Websites

Like most women, Zara makes up a considerable portion of my wardrobe. Almost every pair of trousers I own?are from the Spanish high-street retailer, including jeans. Having bought a lot of'designer denim?over the years (much of it in the sales), I realised recently that Zara jeans make me feel just as fabulous - and wash just as well - but for one-quarter of the price. That's a win win.

But no woman's sartorial needs can be fulfilled by one store alone. If you're struggling to break your high-street shopping habits (i.e, you have tunnel vision and head straight to one said store when you enter Dundrum Shopping Centre), try these four?online retailers?for something completely'different.

Bimba Y Lola is my new favourite place to shop. It?offers fashion-forward cuts, chic prints and statement-making accessories. Pieces are priced at the higher-end of the high-street?(think Whistles and Maje)?but there's a really strong design ethos to the brand evident in the quirky detailing and finishes. One of my favourite items right now is this cold-shoulder denim dress.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.12.02 Denim dress, €160 at bimbaylola.com

Finery London is no longer a fashion insider's secret. Since it launched over a year ago, the online retailer has?taken the marketplace by storm with its beautifully designed and very affordable collections. The?quality of the clothes?is exceptional for the price point. Next on my wish list is this gorgeous jumpsuit. I love its understated sophistication, plus it will work for every season.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.19.10 Danehurst knotted shell top jumpsuit, €116.86 at finerylondon.com

Preppy American brand J. Crew is not just a great place to shop, but it's a fantastic resource for styling tips. They make every?piece on their website?look?completely fresh. These cropped trousers have my name on them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.27.30 Cropped pants in yarn-dyed silk, €234.85 at jcrew.com

LA-based Reformation recently came on my radar. "Killer clothes that don't kill the environment" is the clothing website's tag line. The collection?is so elegant, and the ethical angle is an added bonus. How chic is this silk dress?


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.39.50 Wave dress, €222.42 at thereformation.com

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