3 Cool New Colour Pairings

One of the simplest ways to inject freshness into your outfits is to come up with some original colour combinations. Victoria Beckham was recently spotted wearing a bright red sweater with pale blue pants. Along with her new tousled bob (what a relief that she's finally let go of the fake long locks!), she looked modern and effortlessly stylish. Here are some'more interesting colour combinations to take you from this season to next.

Yellow and Pink

The danger here, of course, is that you will wind up looking like a Loop the Loop. The trick is to chose hues with'depth, and add pattern in places.



Blue and Green

This is a really punchy approach to colour blocking. If chartreuse and cobalt blue are too bold, turn'down the colour dial and opt for watery shades instead, but be sure to add some depth?in the form of deeper hued (or black) trims and prints.


Red and?Cream

There's something beautifully lush about this unlikely?pairing. Incorporating texture really adds to the luxe feel. Just be careful you don't fall into Santa's little helper territory.


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