20 Ways To Wear Navy This Season

During winter, you'll rarely find us straying too far from our go-to grey or black. The one hue toward which we will always happily venture, however, is navy. Granted, it's not that much of a leap, but it's the perfect colour for these colder months and it makes for a welcome break from our?wardrobe fit for mourning.

Why do we adore navy? Let us count the ways. For those of us with pale Irish skin, navy will never wash you out, whereas head to toe black may be a little trickier to pull off. However if you soften a black skirt or black trousers by pairing them with a dark, navy blue blouse or jumper your outfit will look fabulous and stunningly sophisticated.

Ignore the fear of?pairing black and navy together; we Parisians?consider it a chic marriage of colours, so gear up and embrace?this failsafe hue.

From cosy, gorgeous jumpers to beautiful dresses and not forgetting some perfect pairs of shoes, we have put together a lovely gallery of navy blue items you could add to your winter wardrobe.


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