20 Beautiful Cashmere Garments to Keep You Warm

As the cold weather is beginning to creep up on us, we must prepare ourselves as best as we can. Yes, we know you can see right through us and are well aware that we're merely using the cold weather as an excuse to indulge in some luxurious cashmere. Guilty.

Perhaps you've already lost interest, given the hefty price tag usually associated with?cashmere. Fear not. These days you can easily find some affordable cashmere and if you treat it with love and take wonderful care of it, it will be good as new for quite a few years. (We actually recommend avoiding your washing machine entirely here in favour of hand washing. And don't even dream of throwing a cashmere piece in your dryer or it will wind up fit for your teddy bear).

From cashmere scarves to beautiful jumpers that make leaving your comfy warm bed that bit easier in the morning, prepare to fall in love with this material. If you want to go the ultimate step, splash out for the best loungewear money can buy- cashmere sweatpants. Can't beat that really.


We have gathered some of our favourite cashmere garments to suit all budgets. Don't forget to go "fullscreen" for all the shopping details.

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