19 Investment Bags You'll Love For Life

A handbag is the undisputed 'IT' item that belongs in everyone's wardrobe, it practically becomes an?extension of one's self. Genuine leather bags are timeless, they look amazing when you first buy them, and unlike most things, (well, apart from George Clooney) they actually improve with age. Now let's not beat around the bush here; designer bags can be a very expensive affair, but we don't see this?as a bad thing; it's a worthy?investment that will see you through decades of your life, literally. It's not something you're going to run out and buy on a whim, it's something you'll look forward to, something you'll save for, something you'll treat yourself to when you feel you really deserve it (which is every day, if money was no issue). What's more, if you add some shopping maths to the equation, as you'll use your bag on a daily basis, the cost just gets lower and lower, totally warranting the hefty price-tag in the first place. What's two euro a day for a few?years? Yes, we like where your head's at.

You may also choose to store it away for a while, and, oh,?the delight of reuniting with your beloved bag after some time apart. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? In order to help you choose your new best friend, who will follow you everywhere you go, we have gathered a gorgeous gallery of our favourite?totes. Good luck choosing your favourite.


Mini C?line Belt Bag in Dark Ruby/?Small Yves Saint Laurent Cabas/?Classic Chanel Velvet Flap Bag/?Pink Miu Miu Top Handle/?Miu Miu Top Handle/?Alexander McQueen Leather Bag/?Chloe Paraty Bag/?C?line Small Trapeze Bag/?Marc Jacobs Incognito Bag/?Mulberry Bayswater /?Valentino Chain Shoulder Bag/?Mulburry Zipped Tote/Valentino Tote /?Dolce & Gabanna Crossbody Bag/?Marni Trunk Box Bag/?Marni Flat Envelope Bag/?Valentino Single Handle Bag/?Lady Dior Sequinned Jacquard /?Stella Mccartney Chain Trim Tote

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