18 Biker Jackets We Love

Biker Jackets have become a staple piece of fashion over the years. Everyone should own at least one gorgeous leather jacket in their lifetime.

I still remember my very first biker leather jacket; I was 7, and it hung small but proud amongst the family coats in our entry hall. I had such pride when wearing it; I felt so grown up. And although it was a hand-me-down, I loved it as if it had been my very own from the start. With age and experience, the leather became softer, more supple and full of character. I wore it until I really couldn't fit into it anymore. You know that moment when you can no longer move your arms freely? It was a very tough goodbye.

Biker jackets have remained a timeless staple but your choice of jacket has grown. They now come in different colours and materials; fitting in with everyone's individual style. Though the best ones still keep their signature bottom belt and flappy low collar. They are incredibly versatile, working wonders with chunky knit or flowy skirts, dresses or jeans;?there's nothing your biker jacket won't work with.


If you go for a genuine leather jacket, some can be quite pricey, but do keep in mind they have maintained a front row seat in fashion for quite some time and are always worth a little investment. What's more, leather only improves?with age. They can also be worn all year round so that's reason enough to buy anything in our book, especially in Ireland.

We have gathered a selection of biker jackets for all kinds of price ranges, all of which are guaranteed to inspire.

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