16 Beautifully Decorative Cuffs

Don't you just love some statement jewellery? It gives you the opportunity to maximise an outfit; from delicate pendants you wear every day to your favourite statements earrings on a night out, it offers the opportunity to further showcase your stylistic personality and transform old looks to new.

Our focus?today is gorgeous decorative cuffs, these jewels are quite the statement piece and bring extraordinary depth and character to an outfit.

So if you find ?your outfit is lacking a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' add in an embellished cuff. The tremendous bonus of the cuff is that of course you may wear it at your wrist, as many people would, but you could also go a step further and wear one around your upper arm when wearing a fabulous jumpsuit for instance. That added detail will finish the look perfectly, and that's a promise.


To help you on your perfect cuff hunt, we've gathered a gallery. Don't forget to go 'fullscreen' to get all the shopping details.

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