16 Backpacks We Love

Unless you're lucky enough to have had today off, you'll be well aware that it's back to school time again. Despite, the fact that it's now taking us twice as long (if not more) to get into work thanks to the fact that every child seems to be driven to school (can you sense our rage?), there is one?positive we're going to take from it: backpacks.?Backpacks are no longer reserved for school pupils; grown-ups love them just as much. There is such a large range to choose from, so fear not; you won't be stuck with some oversized JanSport in which you'd find a week old squashed sandwich at the bottom. Whether you go big'small or big, leather, suede or opt for a simple fabric, they can be as chic and fashion forward as our beloved handbags.

We love when fashion and practicality merge and with the backpack, that's exactly what you're getting. From your'makeup bag to that extra pair of shoes and even your lunch, backpacks are the city girl's best friend. And think of all the weight always on that same shoulder, no more of that with the two-strap backpack. We're taking our lead from?off-duty models; they all love backpacks and are spotted rocking them a lot during fashion week.?Another added plus is that your backpack leaves you to be hands-free, meaning you can carry on about your business with your head fully buried in your phone. From?commuting to work to festivals and especially when'travelling, the backpack gets our vote. So this September,?invest in a gorgeous backpack and make your life a little easier.


The Cambridge Satchel Company/ Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Mulberry/ Orla Kiely/ Kate Spade/ Kate Spade Gold/ Ted Baker Green/ Asos Orange/ Urban Outfitters/ Mi-Pac Backpack/ Accessorize/ Hershel Ware/ Ted Baker/ Nancy Gonzalez/ Urban Outfitters Bar detail/?Urban Outfitters Suede Backpack

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