14 Woolly Hats To Keep You Warm And Stylish

The best thing about winter is the wrapping up. From scarves to layers to bobble hats, there's no such thing as too much wool, cashmere, faux fur and whatever it takes to keep you toasty and warm. A good woolly hat can take an otherwise dull ensemble to life. Whether you experiment with a bright coloured hat and an all grey/black outfit, or you keep your look within the same colour family, hats are arguably the most fun way to play with fashion, not to mention the practicality aspect.

If it's an investment piece you're after, you can never go wrong with cashmere. What's more, the softer the material, the less it will mark your head when you inevitably take the hat off inside (too many times we've been left with a cable-knit imprint across our mugs and it's just not a good look).

For those who prefer not to splurge on an item that's so small, there's more than enough choice here, with prices starting from below a tenner.


Get set, wrap up and go!

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