The 12 Earrings That Are Making A Statement On The High Street

Some days it can be tough to summon up even an ounce of sartorial creativity.

You know the scene: early mornings after late nights, those times when you find yourself instinctively reaching for that reliable uniform of a trusty shirt and jeans, and dressing without a second thought only to realise halfway through the day - upon catching a glimpse of your unvaried reflection - that your outfit simply needs something more. Well, no longer should that be the case, for making a statement with your style needn't take hours of preparation or even minutes for that matter.

Statement earrings may look?intimidating, but trust us, they are the most accessible and effortless way to look like you've tried without, well, trying. First gaining traction on the runways of Milan and Paris, these bejewelled shoulder-grazers have trickled down to the high street in dramatic fashion. Whether you choose to go bold with an art deco inspired pair or opt for the delicate, sculptural route, both will make just as big a style statement when teamed with a simple cotton shirt and distressed denim. So for those days where you find yourself unwittingly reaching for the same wares, why not make a pit stop at your jewellery box and let your ears do the talking.

Shop our affordable picks from the high street below, for when your budget is less Marni and more Mango.


Stone Drop Earrings, €8 at Topshop

Intertwined Hoop Earrings, €9.95 at Mango

Circular Earrings, €12.95 at Zara

Face Earrings, €6 at Monki


Glass Stone Earrings, €39 at &otherstories

Twist Drop Earrings, €16 at Topshop

Geometric Earrings, €12.95 at Zara


'80s Drop Stud Earrings, €15 at Urban Outfitters

Loop Earrings, €15 at &otherstories

Mismatch Earrings, €15.95 at Mango

Gold Drop Earrings, €10 at Monki


Crystal Earrings, €32.45 at Storets

WORDS BY:?Hannah Grimes

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